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About Us

We are dedicated professionals that have your best interests and personal goals in mind. We will work with you on a personalized level to place you in the right fitness or mixed martial arts class based on your current level. We offer personalized training without the cost of a personal trainer.

Learn while you burn: world-class fitness instruction combined with a kickboxing workout and martial arts is a ton of fun! We are dedicated to helping every student develop and enhance their physical fitness and self-defense skills. Our action-packed classes provide all the benefits of training like a real fighter, without ever getting injured or hit. There are many martial arts schools but only one Pit Austin.

You’ll get a kick-butt workout and build self-awareness skills. And most importantly, you will learn street smarts to be able to defend yourself or a loved one should the need ever arise. Our training programs could be the most fulfilling and best decision you’ve ever made for yourself and your family. Whatever your goal is – weight loss, toning, self defense, competition or health and well being, we’re the perfect place for you.